I am working on a project which is to provide a security between a android mobile device and server remotely. I know few of the techniques such as encryption mechanism and other security protocols, but the problem is that they are already being used. And for this project i want some research based techniques. so can any one has got some idea please share it.

or u can mail me at harysh3@gmail.com


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what are you trying to access from the server with the andriod? I think SSL certificates might be what u r looking for not positive though. i remember fantly doing something inthe past with an iphone and a ssl cert

the server is placed in the hospital and the doctor will be accessing the patients data from his android mobile. But the problem is that similar techniques for securing the communication have already being used. So i wanted some new techniques. Doesn't matter whether it works practically or not ...because i wanted research based techniques.


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