Hello Computer gurus!!!

i have a problem with my vaios wifi switch, its well broken the light is off even when its switched to the on position and none of my wireless networks are working ive been forced to use a realy long ethernet cable ITS DRIVING MY CRAZY!!! so heres how it happend

i was taking my laptop over to my desk in my bedroom when i tripped and dropped it
i imedietly picked it up ran over to my desk to turn it on to see if it still worked
every thing seemed fine so i closed it up.

the next day i tryed to go on skype to chat to my freinds but for some reason i coudent connect so i check my wifi switch it was turned off so i turned it on nothing happend ):< THE END.

hi, now this is just an opinion based on my experience fixing ccomputer , Bang!!! it hit the floor,and you expext us to solve it from miles away ,cant be done ,we would need to have it in our hands to check for damage .just my opinion ,someone else may think different and have an answer for you ,good luck