Yesterday we had two short power interuptions and my son came in and said he couldn't get online on his laptop. He said our wireless signal wasn't there. I checked on mine and my SSID wasn;t there but the default Cisco SSID was. So I went to look into it and it was as though it was a new installation.

Just curious why this could have even happened. I thought the settings were stored in eprom or similar where power isn't required for memory retention.

Or is there a battery in there that needs to be replaced on occasion?


Re: Cisco Wireless Router reset 80 80

Is it possible that someone hit the reset button on that device. All of these types of devices usually come with some small button on the appliance that will reset the box back to defaults. The label "reset" could easily be confused with "reboot"

Re: Cisco Wireless Router reset 80 80

A power surge could have done this. Is this device plugged into a UPS or surge protector? What about the WAN line (dsl/phone/cable/etc)? In any case, at this point, do a proper reset and then reconfigure the device.

Re: Cisco Wireless Router reset 80 80

Pretty unlikely someone hit the reset. My son was on his computer away in the other room and then the power outtages happened.

No UPS or surge protector asside from the BS one in the power strip. Just trying to find out if this was indeed caused by the power outtage or if the router might have a battery.

Been dealing with computers and components for some time now and never had an eprom loose its programming because of loss of power. That is why the exist, to retain memory.


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