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Just a quick question I am currently thinking of buying a Standard Retail Technet subscription as I am hoping to obtain a qaulification in Windows Server 2008 and some more SQL server qaulification and would also like some hands on experience so I am considering buying a subscription to allow me to do this.

What I was wondering does they standard subsricption allow me to get access to server editions of windows OS as from reading it seems to only be desktop OS and software?

Any help would be appreciated and also help me from throwing away money.

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If you are trying to save money but still use the Microsoft OS and their Apps for testing, you can just download their trial editions. In most cases, they provide you the software for free if you just run it as a trial (limited a certain time period for some it could be 180 days for example).

I would recommend that you spend the money on good training books. Microsoft training kits are very good. Get a copy of virtualization software, and run a virtual lab on your host computer. Read, read, read, then test, test, test. This is generally the best way to learn.


Hi jorge

Thanks for they reply this is fully how I learn however I want practical hands on experience with servers I.e designing then building then maintaining from the ground up. Do you get Microsoft server and SQL database OS with a standard technet retail edition purchase?



Yeap, I am all for technet. If you visit their site, you can download a product spreadsheet which compares the differences in software avaialbe. Retail does not inlcude everything, but may have just about all of the products you are looking for:


Look for: Need more specifics on which products are listed?
Download the full list of products available by subscription level.


Thanks Jorge from having a quick look at the spreadsheet it's seems likes it has everything I am looking for I wi defiantly be investing in subscription I feel it's one of the best ways to get hands on experience likes and would encourage all to do so


I encourage you to invest in yourself in this manner. Actually getting a hold of the sofware and running your tests in your own lab is the most effective (and most cost effective) way of training.

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