I am working for a family who are not around this week and asked me to call their service provider to get their internet back up. I called their service provider and we got the modem connected directly to the computer so there was internet activity. We did not have the wireless routers info so we could not get wireless going. He told me I can make a homegroup network with the desktop connected to the router to create internet for my computer. Went through the wizard and it seemed to work.

The internet never actually worked on my computer, and when I got into their router, linksys Cisco, my info was listed in the ssid and password settings.

Basically, their SSID and password in their router originally is nowhere to be found. I am wondering how to undo this, or if I can change my info back to theirs to return it to the way it was previous to this network.

I called the service provider back and ended up speaking to someone else who said the first guy should not have explained that to me as they are not allowed to go past their modem. I am stuck and am hoping to have this sorted out before they are back from vacation. I have emailed them and have the info to get into their internet and router settings, so I just need to fix what the first guy told me. I hope this makes sense, as it doesn't make much for me.

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Can you just get back into the router with the information that you originally put in that it changed to? From there I think you may be able to change the SSID and password, if not you can also just reset the router, and it will run you through the whole process again


No. Don't do that. Do not reset the router. All you need is to replace the SSID and Security crednetials back to originals. Since you don't have these you need to get them from the family. If they don't remember it, then you can select a new SSID and new Pre shared key and go around to every device and setup the wifi again. A Pain I know, but you have no other option without the original PSK.

Most routers have a backup/restore option too. IF the family was smart, they backed up the router's current config somewhere. You could also use that to restore if it exists.


OK I did what CimmerianX mentioned. Totally worked! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't messing with something different. I did not get in to the router to change it in the first place. I was confused because when I finally got into the router, my info was already in there. Just weird. Thank you for your help!

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