I'm not a teckie at all and i can usually figure things out but i'm stumped here...

I bought a imac about 4 years ago, the one w/the small bace and the monitor is conected to it. I ordered it online and it has an airport in it.. But when i got it.. it had two complete opperating systems 9.2 and X and got really confused and frustrated and was told that i could reinstall and just not install the x...

well long story short i ended up getting an HP windows laptop, and its my second one and love it. I have the laptop connected to a cable modem and also wireless.. But Here is the Q......

How can get my imac connected? is there a way i can get my cable and linksys to work with my imac and the 9.2 operating system..

thanks in advance


ps.. if i need to reinstall the software for x could you tell me how to..

Well, I think I know how to help you. However, we are not supposed to support questions in THIS forum. I suggest you (or I should say the moderator) move your thread to the techtalk forum either under "networking" or "Mac". Then me (as well as many other people) will be glad to help you.

Oh yeah, and welcome to DaniWeb :)