i am newly oppointed Network administrator in a farm which have three floors.we have 2600 series router in our building.we are connected through optical fibre to our ISP and proxy server which is installed at ISP end.The problem is that our internet connectivity broke again and again google chorme gives error, problem with proxy server but we have continous ping reply from proxy server.I want to know is there any problem in our end or with our ISP.i will be very great full if some one help

Troubleshooting with Chrome is not the best method. You need to determine the scope of the problem. Are all of your clients on your network impacted? Using PING, can you ping past the proxy? Have you verified that name resolution is working?

For non HTTP traffic, are you able to get packets out past the ISP?

Once you determine where the problem is, better guidance can be given.

try to telnet to your proxy's port and see if you get any reply. Ping does not mean a lot.

You should be able to get a telnet response.

It would be helpfull if you could be a bit morre specific.

Sir we are having CBS in our orgnization we have broadband connection with server and in other branch we have vasat how we connect with server to open a CBS application at branch level please give me the solution

near about 12 ( 6 port switch) are used in our network to include more customers to lan.we have 2 switch of 32 ports and our customers exceded the 80.we are not authorised to ping IP address beyound pxoxy server.i have change the dns also but problem does not solve.telnetting to proxy server does not provide any error