Hi . i have a problem trying to get inside the web interface for the switch cisco.

the connection i made is for a school .is something like 14 Workstations 1 server for the teacher this 15 machines are connected to the switch, 3 more pcs are also in the switch.

i add one router that is working like a gateway for extend the wifi .this router is to another router ,lets call it the main router. both routers are linksys .

the main router has the switch connected and the extra router

the wan is connected to the main router.
i configure all the ip for the workstations and extra pcs static ip starting

the server has

the main router

the switch i didn't touch it so i goes it has the factory settings,BUT and here is the problem i never could enter the web interface

my question is , is the connection i decide a good way to distribute the WAN

i also use a program that is called net support so , what recommendations do you have for me ...

and the main question is ,why i can't enter the web interface of the switch. i read some sites but i can't find the answer... please need help .

the switch is Cisco Srw224g4
the main router is the 310N
and the other router wrt 54g2

thank you very much any help its welcome

Well, you must be entering the wrong IP address, that is why you cant get access to the web interface... otherwise there is no reason for it not to let you access the login page for the router.

However, your main question is unclear... could you please provide a diagram of some sort, or a table at the least with IP addresses, Subnet Masks, Interface names, etc (which is common practice), in order to be able to understand your network topology better.

Once we have this info, we will take it from there.

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