Hi, I have problem in my laptop samsung R530 JA05AE, it cannot receive or connect to the wifi,first i thought that it was just the location maybe it cannot connect,but when i tried another laptop and put it where my samsung located the other laptop connect immediately to the wifi...what is the problem in my samsung laptop why it cannot connect to the wifi.or it gives only poor connection sometimes it cannot connect.

Thank you in advance.

Re: slow wifi connectivity 80 80

1st thing is to get the latest drivers for your wifi adapter. Usually had from the manufacturer's website.

Re: slow wifi connectivity 80 80

Is this Laptop new to your network, or has this problem suddenly appeared? Which operating system?

If this Laptop is new to your network then you will need to check your network settings for such things as the Workgroup name, etc. (We can advise you more on this when you tell us about your operating system)

If this problem has suddenly appeared then you would be wise to do some basic housekeeping with these programs:



Defraggler (This will do a better job of defragmenting your Harddrive than Windows own)

And don't forget Cimmy's suggestion about updating your NIC drivers. :-)

Re: slow wifi connectivity 80 80

check for ur connection speed/status.then check b/g/n for ur network card.update ur driver.

Re: slow wifi connectivity 80 80

I have the latest driver...i tried to update...

Re: slow wifi connectivity 80 80

You might need increasing the strength of wi-fi signals in the Modem console.

Re: slow wifi connectivity 80 80

Does the laptop with the issue work on any other Wifi AP? It could be hardware you know.

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