I have an home networking which runs on wifi router (Intenet access ). Now i am planning to setup an server (ftp and web), for this i have to get an static IP address. where shd be the static IP address will be assigned and (to the home wifi router or the gateway of the router ).
Please guide me, as i want all other devices of my network to be access the internet along with my server to serve the request s from the internet.

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If you are trying to access this server from outside of your private network (the Internet), the static IP address that you are referring to is the one that is provided to you by your ISP and is configured on the router or modem that connects your network to your ISP's network. This configuration can vary depending on the type of connection that your ISP provides you. You should contact them directly to get help on this configuration. You should be aware that most ISPs do charge extra for a static IP address.

As an alternate option to a static IP, there is another option. There are some services that are available on the internet that provide you with a DNS hostname and you run a client on your network that detects the current public IP address on your router, then dynamicall updates DNS host name that your are using. If the IP address changes, the host name is updated. For more information about this type of service, do a search online for dynamic dns. I havent used these services personnally in quite some time, but I used dynDNS.org for a while and I know of no-ip.com as well.

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I use no-ip.org for my home's dynamic IP address so I can VPNin easily. It works well enough, just don't like the annoyance of having to verify I use the service every month or loose the name).

The static IP would be set at the router/modem, as JorgeM indicated. If you opt for dynamic DNS service, then you can run the dyn dns client from anywhere in the internal network to register the dynamic address (i.e. no-ip.org).

Either way, you need to configure either a port forward for http and ftp to the internal host, or use the consumer router's DMZ ip which forwards all packets to a single internal host. Then it's up to the internal host to handle blocking unwanted ports via firewall or iptables or whatever.

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You can indeed use a static IP address for the server which will not be connected directly to the WAN side of the WiFi router. The router will also run a DHCP service and you can limit its DHCP IP range to not dispense IP addresses in your allocated static IP range.

IE: DHCP IP range = thru / Server IP address = anything with final octet value of 2 thru 20). Your gateway address will be the same as your WiFi router.

I use such a configuration myself.

Re: Wifi home network should be added by a server 80 80

http://dyn.com/ also has a very good free Dynamic DNS service

And use their client for seamless integration - http://dyn.com/support/clients/

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