i works in a photo studio and we have two computers linked via direct LAN cable and it works fine. But the problem is, when i connect to the internet via wifi (alfa), it connects with the modem but internet dosent works. And when I disable the LAN, the internet works.

Before i used to connect both the computers via the modem and both the internet and file sharing works fine but i doubt someone steals files through the wifi. Once i found a stranger computer name my network list. After that i decided to separate wifi and LAN. And as a result the above said problem occured.

please help in solving this issue.

Re: wifi and LAN conflict 80 80

We would need to know what the IP configuration looks like for both the wifi and LAN adapter.

Re: wifi and LAN conflict 80 80

Also, from each computer, while the 1 is in the error state, run ROUTE PRINT and paste the output here.

Re: wifi and LAN conflict 80 80

0x70002 ...00 1c c0 c1 08 01 ...... Realtek RTL8168D(P)/8111D(P) PCI-E Gigabi

thernet NIC - Packet Scheduler Miniport

Active Routes:

Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric       25       20       1       25       20       25       20       25       20       25       20 1 1
Default Gateway:

Re: wifi and LAN conflict 80 80

the above is the route print

Re: wifi and LAN conflict 80 80

This is your issue: 25 20

I assume and are assigned to your machine's LAN and WIFI interfaces. Is that correct?

If so, then your catchall route is directed back into because of the lower metric.

IT looks like your gateway should be for both interfaces, so that when is alive, it sends traffic to the real gateway at instead of back into itself which will end up going nowhere.

If these are static, then change the default gateway on 1.20 to be 1.1 instead and that will fix your issue. The other solution would be to change the metric on the interface so that 1.9 has a lower metric than 1.20. But the 1st solution is 'cleaner'.

Re: wifi and LAN conflict 80 80

please show me how to change these stuffs
i am really getting mad with this

Re: wifi and LAN conflict 80 80

Open up the interface in Network Connections - Change adapter settings. Pull up properties for the wifi, then properties for tcpip v4. I'll bet you have a static IP here for Just remove the gateway. Then test it all again.

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