heya, any help would be appreciated. reply or email me on pizza_lover2002@hotmail.com :cheesy:

i have had the exact same problem as this guy here
---> http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,16008684?hilite=f5d5231v4
---> http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,15984624

Having connected my two pc's to my new Belkin (F5D5231V4) 4 Port Router, to my internet connection NTL 1Mb Cable (through the set top box), i had no connection problems for about a week, and all of a sudden i lose connection for about 20 seconds then it reconnects, this occurs roughly every couple of mins, i have called all relavent support services NTL and Belkin and nudda! it uses a dynamic ip connection, and i have entered all of the correct mac and DNS addresses. It is less frequent when surfing the internet, but when i use bandwidth ie: Games, downloading etc. it becomes more frequent. i am also using Ventrilo, which indiacates that before it disconnects the latency jumps errratically, i have performed a tracert to google.co.uk and the ping jumps erratically as well. Any ideas anyone ? oh and i have ran spyware and virus checks, and formatted one of the pc's! oh the fun! am buying a new router today, but would rather use this one and return the one i intend to purchase today. PC World for you.
Thanks cJw :eek:

^hopefully all the information you would need.

fixed this problem by purchising a new router, needed to be dchp compatible, was not sure if belkin was so made sur enew one was. needed to configure ip to the set top box rather then the pc. any help needed pm me