My OS is windows 7.

Can somebody please teach me how to configure squid in this kind of scenario.

I have a filezilla ftp server running in

I want to make a proxy server (eg. where in when somebody want to uplaod a file to my filezilla ftp server, he will pass through


If the sender is a host on the Internet, why not simply create a port fowarding rule on your Internet router? What kind of Internet connection do you have?

Based on the IPs you listed, the assumption is that the FTP services are running on the proxy server? is a loopback address.

I'm sorry...I had a mistake in my scenario...

It should be SENDER -> PROXY (then the proxy will redirect the connection to) -> FTP SERVER ( - this is my IP)

I want to have this kind of scenario because I want to know if my application that send file to a FTP server can also send through a proxy.

Maybe you should ask the squid company for help.