I was registering on joomla.org and I got errors as blacklisted ip/username/email and after that I registered from mobile and did fine with same details. After searching for a while it looked like my ISP is blocked?!
Its totally new to me, can anyone tell me whats this exactly and if I can do something as some sites say that my IP is at risk.

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I would call up your ISP and say that you're having issues with the current IP address you've been assigned, and is there any way to force a new IP assignment?


My ip changes with every new connection, and right now I am not getting that errors but if it keeps happening I will contact my ISP


It may be possible that a larger range of IPs from your ISP have been blacklisted. You should definately report this to your ISP. They need to follow the process to be removed from the blacklist.

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