Hello everyone,
I was using windows media player 11 to view movies files, music files and pictures on my computer. The files are saved on my network drive and I added the folders to windows media player to be viewed. I wanted to delete the files from windows media player and the option to delete them from the the drive was selected little did I know. I taught I was just removing them from windows media player. I ended up deleting them from the network drive also and I do not have a backup of the files. Is there anyway I can recover those files? Just a little more info for you. The network drive is connected to my network and it is a Netgear SC101 with a 250GB maxtor hard drive in it. the OS for my computer is windows xp pro.

Please help me! the movies, music and pictures are files that my wife and I have collected over 3yrs of marriage. She is really pissed at me because they were sentimental to us. Because of this I get to sleep on the couch to night this means back pains for me tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.

any chance they're in the recycle bin?

First of all do not save any more files or install any program on your network drive.
If you do so chances are your old files may be overwritten with the new files. What I mean to say is this:
Even if you actually delete a file from the recycle bin it remains on your hard disk untill the memory space alloted to it is occupied by a new file.
You might have to spend a little money but it is definitely better than sleeping on a couch. This is how you should solve the problem:
1] Disconnect the network drive.
2] install ( firts buy ) a data recovery software on the hard disk of your computer ( not network drive ).
3] Use the software and get everything back.
4] Learn a lesson: "BACKUP NOW".

Note: If you have already saved new files you might not get everything back. How much of
it you can get back depends on how much new you have saved and your luck.

Hope this reply is useful to you.

I was not able to get the files back.

thanks for all your help