I'm a new member, recorded good hope in you, to solve this big problem,,,,,
I have a network of which it is a Server 2003 Active Directory
And we have ISA Server

It is important there is a line Internet Mikrotik been prepared and connecting Mikrotik Active Direcory
I mean take the names of users from ActiveDirectory,,

Important to have worked in the Active Directory service Radius and finished the settings and went to surfer Mikrotik and operated Radius Client

And been created the HotSpot Server Radius .....
Connector on the device opened Mikrotik and put the user name of the active Directory and managed to log on ...
But the Internet does not open ... logically because he did not enter the name in the user profile
The question how to get into the profile or find solution ....

And I'm very sorry for the my weak language>>>>

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If you would like to bypass authentication you would need to ask the Administrator. I'm not sure he/she would be in a big rush to help you with this though.

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