I'm from Myanmar.Nice to knowing all of you. I want to know about available proxy port number of two ISP internet server computer.Actually I connect to it from Accesspoint (AP) to network card on my computer.When I used port number 8080 and proxy ip that they give to World Wide Web, but the connection speed is too slow.I guess that internet center used two ISP and controlling with Linux , so there may be or may be not other proxy port number.If another proxy number exist how can i know it? Please help me. Thank you all. If my question bother you, I really sorry for this.

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What sort of computer do you have? What are its specifications? I would recommend using Superantispyware to clean your computer first. You should see an improvement after doing that.

If you try to bypass their normal service then you could find yourself without an Internet connection completely if they find out. ISP's with above acceptable contention ratios can be a big problem for ADSL users. Other than suggesting that you look for another ISP if Superantispyware doesn't help, I don't know what advice to give you.

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