Hello Networking Gurus of the Internet!

I am trying to figure out the difference between MoCa (Media over Coaxial Alliance) and PDSL (Power Line Digitial Subscriber Line).
I've been using PDSL for many years, however I've recently seen this MoCa thing which appears to do the same thing but instead of using the power lines it uses the existing coaxial television wiring.

Could someone please explain the difference to me, from what I understand the only difference is the cable it uses however judging by the support (Cisco, Verizon, Motorola etc.) it seems I'm missing something here.

Thank you

I'm not an expert in this area by any means, but there is definately more to it than just the media. The main difference, i suspect, is probably in the area of the layer-2 transport packets.

In any event, from a subscriber, the most important thing for you is what it costs and what the service level agreement is between you and the provider.

To get you a technical answer about the difference, I'd have to do some reading on my own.

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