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I have created a CNAME for domain1 to direct traffic to domain2 that has the value of * (so *.domain1.com goes to domain2.com). This works if the user types www.domain1.com but not if they just type domain1.com which as you are probably aware most users do.

Any ideas how to fix this as simply as possible? My clients will have to add this solution to their own DNS records.

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Your DNS management tool should give you the ability to create a CNAME record for the domain name itself as well as any record in the domain. It is possible to also create a wildcard record so that any host in that domain maps to one alias record or IP address. If you are hosting your zone with a provider, you are limited by what they allow you to do.

Where is domain1.com pointing to right now? It may not be defined as there is no requirement for it to map somewhere but you should be able to manage this record.

Hi Jorge, sorry but I must have been unclear. domain2.com is the domain of my web service. domain1.com is the domain name owned by a customer who has chosen to white-label. I have no control over domain1 whatsoever.

What does the customer have to do in order to direct all of their web traffic to both www.domain1.com and domain1.com to domain2.com?

I understand that they must create a CNAME record with the hostname of www which alises to domain2.com but what else? There must be something else they have to change in order to allow domain1.com to work without the subdomain of www.

I have everything else solved.


The customer must modify the record for the domain name itself.

"www" is a record within that zone. If this customer wants everything related to domain1.com to resolve to domain2.com, at least two changes need to be made.

Kildare the record for domain.com, and either modify the record www, or create a wildcard record so that all records resolve to the same alias. I wouldn't think a customer would want to use a wildcard record because they may have other records in their zone.

Some providers give customers the option to do domain forwarding so they handle this in the background so the customer doesn't have to worry about the technical details.

I'm sorry mate but you're going to have to speak to me in lehmans terms as I must be missing something obvious..?

Just a bit more info:

I have a new web application that will be made available at domain2.com. I would like its users to be able to white-label by using their own domain name. I am using domain1.com for testing.

Currently, www.domain1.com is successfully reaching domain2.com. However, domain1.com (without www.) isn't reaching domain2.com and simply isn't being found.


Your client does not have the host record for domain1.com mapped to anything. Your customer needs to do the same thing they did for the www record but do it on the domain name itself. The domain name can also be established as a host record. It's done by creating a blank record (same as parent). However the DNS provider may call it something else similar in the web management interface. Unfortunately you don't have control over your customer's domain. But that's how you do it.

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