so... last night I was working on transferring files from the drive and all...
I shut down, removed the HDD this morning to take a .img from 2 other HDDs that went RAW,
but when I inserted the drive into my brothers compy (the only compy that supports both IDE AND SATA), the HDD comes up as RAW.

how can an HDD go RAW with no power... o_0

anyways... I can't recover cause I don't have 300GB to recover to...
how can I go about repairing the RAW partition back to the way it was before??
(perhapse doing a scan and building a custom MFT using the existing MFT and files on the drive)

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ok, so my compy is now back up and running, and low-and-behold, the disk is still RAW
I only have 77GB free on this HDD, 56GB free on my 200GB HDD, and about ~80GB free totaled on 6 other 40-160GB HDDs

I can't do a recover and reformat...

can someone tell me what I can do to repair my HDD??
(my in-dev program is on this HDD, along with many other important documents)


This might be tricky but you could try to edit the partition table on the disk. You could try this free one. Make sure you save a copy of the initial values before you start changing them. If you need to get more "intimate" with the disk you can try HexProbe. You can download and use a trial version. HexProbe allows you to edit the disk directly. I've used it to change a disk signature which is something not allowed by a simple partition editor.


if HexProbe is just your typical hex editor, HxD is a free replacement.
(I don't use trials unless they're recommended) :P

but I'll try that PTE. :)
hopefully I'll get somewhere with that :P


it already is... heh
that program couldn't do anything...

anyone know a good byte-reference to the NTFS format??
it's prbly a broken pointer to the MFT >_>

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