Posted this question once and cannot find the reply...

Looking for the guidance that would allow one to program a router so that it acts as a receiver. The user could then use a wired port and connect a desktop.

Have a Westell Modem/Router Model A90-750015-07 Rev "W" and write to inquire if this device would be suitable. Also have a Linksys WRV-200.

Much thanks in advance for an informed reply

What do you mean by "receiver"? Do you mean to be able to simply use it as a WiFi access point? This is not hard to do. I have done that with one of my Linksys routers. You disable the routing capabilities and the DHCP server, and connect it to the actual LAN router (a Netopia router in my case). Then it is just a WiFi terminal with SSID. IE, we can connect to either the Linksys AP or the router's AP using different SSID's. One has better reception in the back of the house, and the other in the front. We configure our wireless gear (phones, ipads, etc) to connect to the stronger connection.

One last point - connecting the AP to the router. In my case, I didn't want to run twisted pair through the house, so I bought a power-line ethernet adapter set. Connect AP into one (in my wife's office), and the router (in the basement) to the other. Works great!

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