Lightning struck! Laptop, modem and printer died... Got new WiFi router with broadband. Got new Lenovo laptop with Windows 8. Connected router successful. All lights green for go! Open Google Chrome to connect to my favorites. Refuses to connect to my sites... what now, how do I play my poker tournament, how do I make my EFT payments, how do I read my mail? I can not for ever use my poor mobile for this. Any wise samaritan out there with a solution? Please hear my laptops call!!!

did you manage to connect to anything at all?

network configuration 'll probably help you out somewhere, or maybe not setting your firewall to block everything.
just curious: since you can't get on any page, how did you manage to post here? :)

wipe it and put linux on...

Thanks to all who tried to help: Slavi, stultuske, iamthwee and HiHe. Problem solved in the wee hours of the morning. It was a configuration fault. Thanks again !!