Hey, I'm having some problems accessing a shared external hard drive. Actually its not me thats having the problem its the other computers on my network.

When i look at the network map i can see all the computers on the network and access them all - the shared folders and devices, which i set up recently and i know work- but these computers cannot access my machine and thus cannot access the shared external.

I thought it might have been a permissions thing, but I cannot seem to add permissions for it outside of my local machine! If thats even the problem! its infuriating!

I guess i was hoping you guys could offer a possible explanation about why my computer isn't letting people access it on the network. I dont have a heap of knowledge on networks, so if ive skipped over a quick fix apologies, ive been around a bunch of formus with no luck :(

And i know there are other threads about this but the appropriate ones arent solved.

Thanks for any info guys

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Hmm what OS are you using and what OS are the other machines.

Are you getting any errors?

How many machines? List OSes

Can you access other network folders?

Are you using Wired or Wireless. What router. What Ip Range?

Hey thanks for the reply. I managed to fix it, i thought it was a file permisson problem turned out it was my computer permissons. So i went around fiddiling with the ownerships and permissons when all i had to do was disable password protected sharing! This was meaning that only people from my computer could access the files i was sharing :\. Althought a little bit of both may have helped as i had to change the effective permissons to the external to "everyone" and give them full access in order to remote backup the other computer

For anyone else that is having the same problem it was being shared on a vista machine and the other computer on the network was xp home edition.

Once again, thanks for the reply finito!

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