how to connect d-link router wirelessly with asus rt-n66u dark knight gigabit router wireless-n900.
the d-link router is connected with cable with the service internet provider modem and i need the asus router to pick up d-link wirelessly and connect with wireless printer and also server with i use for back up when make the asus router able to connect this other devices with diffrent pcs wirelessly

You need to disable the routing capability of the asus, and simply use it as a WiFi access point that is connected with the d-link. This may not be simple. Multiple routers in a LAN is possible, but difficult to set up and deal with. I have such a situation in my home - a Linksys and a Netopia router(s) - the Netopia is connected to the Internet. I disabled the Linksys' router functionality and am only using it as a WiFi access point and Ethernet switch in areas of the house where the Netopia rounter/access-point doesn't reach. I could have them connected wirelessly, but I use a power-line connector instead. Works great (reliable) and has good bandwidth to connect the two devices.

To do this you need to use some type of software? If she is the program? How do we get it? Please ask for details.......................

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