Hello Friends,
In my office we have a Server, and other 3 users wanted to connect to the server and use MYOB (Accounting Package) software in one time..

I have to install Remote desktop software with Multiple Sessions..
So, is there any solutions?? Open Source software??

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Teamviewer is the most popular application, and it is also available for your phone. But, it's not free either.

What do you think about the below option? I prefer Windows own remote access service above all others. Please note the cautions given regarding this option though, please.

Multiple remote access using Windows.

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Teamviewer is free for home use, not business use. Only businesses have to buy.

In my office we have a Server

So, if you have a Windows server running, Windows Server has a role called "Remote Desktop Services". When this role is enabled, it allows up to two remote desktop connections (RDP) and one console connection (logging in locally), without the need for addtional licenses. IF you needed more sessions, you could install it in Terminal Services mode and just get the addtional licenses.

MYOB (Accounting Package) software in one time.

You need to find out if this software is built to allow multiple instances of this running at the same time on the same computer. Not all software is "RDP" aware. Check with the software vendor.

Read more about Remote Desktop Services on the Microsoft website.

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JorgeM,BigPaw,RvSon thanks all..
I ll check and update you


I would like to suggest you that if you have any issue while connecting with Computer on Remote desktop. You can fix the problem using microsoft fixit tool. Here is link for Firewall service repair tool by Microsoft Fixit.

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