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Have you looked on YouTube? Setting up a network can be simple, or complex, depending upon the gear, complexity of the network, security requirements, etc.


Also keep in mind that the word "Network" is very generic. There are various components to a network that people generally refer to... the physical network such as boxes and wires, and the logical network which are the applications that run networking services on those boxes and wires.


Since you're a PCMag.com audience, possibilities are you got a bright new technical toy as a vacation present. Maybe it was an 802.11n wi-fi wireless router, a NAS system, a new minilaptop computer, or an The apple company iPad. One thing all of these gadgets have in common: they need to be connected to your house system. The release of a new part of components is the best time set up or rearrange your house system. For many people, this is the most agonizing part of the technical encounter. Let's encounter it, social media a new part of technical you got for the vacations is the latter-day "some set up needed.

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