Hi all,

I've just started to work on a lazy mans network - everything is unmanaged. I've now been asked to install a media server so that we can provide a source for the 90+ TV screens in our thirty remote offices, a system such as this: http://www.cabletime.com/how-it-works/

The only issue is, our network doesn't support multicast technologies because our switches do not have any IGMP snooping capabilities, and our routers don't have IGMP querying!

Does anyone know of a solution where this can be achieved without the need for a multicast enabled network?


Re: Video over IP solution without multicast? 80 80

Try this google search: streaming tv server
FWIW, multi-cast is usually not viable outside of a LAN, and your routers need to be configured to allow multi-cast outside of a subnet.

Re: Video over IP solution without multicast? 80 80

I ended up getting cable time - we've got a demo kit for 2 months :)

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