Suppose you receive a phone call from a client in Sales who cannot print a report on a printer in the Research and Development department. The report is from a database created on a server located at headquarters. The client tells you that other members of the Sales department are able to print to the Research and Development department. You check the printer and you are able to send a test page to the Research and Development department printer. Which of the following would be the most appropriate first step in troubleshooting this issue?

1.Unplug the printer from the wall electrical outlet and then plug it back in
2.Remotely reboot the database server at headquarters
3.Reset the router by power cycling it
4.Have the user verify printer network properties

4, if others are able to print it is quite likely that the user's settings are different or he is trying to print it out on a different printer

^ Also 4. If everyone else can connect fine, it's not the network connectivity. If you can print a test page, it's not the printer/drivers. That leaves the issue is something local to his PC.

thank you for your help guys