My home network consists of a Linksys BEFSR41 V2 router that connects my two desktops and a printer to each other and through the cable modem to the internet. I just bought a Linksys WRT54G V5 wireless router. I want to use it to connect to my old HP notebook which has a linksys Wireless G PCMCIA card. The notebook works fine at the lab where I normally use it. I just want to be able to access the internet from home.

I would prefer not to disturb the present network. It didn't work when I plugged the wireless router into the uplink port on the wired router, so I plugged it directly into the Modem, I got "You have successfully connected to the access point, but the internet cannot be found." I get the same message if I plug it into the uplink port of the old wired router or one of the other ports. When I put the cable modem back to the old router, and plug in the old computers the way they were they work fine, but the laptop still can't find the internet. If I plug everything into the new wireless router, I get no internet anywhere. The "internet light on the wireless router is lit. as are the power and WLAN lights.

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check the wireless settings on the router. if it's not configured right you won't have access to the internet. why'd you buy another router for the network?


Not just wirless settings there's DHCP to consider most routers have DHCP enabled by default and usuallythe same ip range, that would be conflict number one if you have more than one router.

What is your internet connection ADSL or DSL ? did you not have to setup a account/username password on the old router when you got it? (possibly not)

I recommend you replace the old router with the new, but you will have to configure it as per instructions that come with the router and as per instructions from your ISP (give their support number a ring). As there's no way for me to know these I can't be more specific.

I also note they are both Lynksys routers, I think they come with a default SSID set as "lynksys" , you can't have two wireless routers broadcasting the same SSID and both trying to use default IP address of, and both trying to DHCP the same address range to your PC's. This town ain't bg enough for the two of us scenario!


I needed wireless for the notebook. The original was all wired, and I wanted to be able to use the notbook at several locations.

I don't know what happened, but in the morning, it worked fine. NO changes. I had rebooted and powered down all the items (Modem, both routers, all computers several times. I hope it keeps working.

I'm goint to continue to hag around as a lurker and try to learn something!




Sounds to me the problem was DHCP and IP addresses then, by powering everything down all devices were forced to give up there IP address leases and negotiate new ones with the new router and everything was back on song.


I have the same router. The modem MUST plug into the YELLOW WAN PORT (NOT ONE OF THE CLIENT ONES) and you must configure it using the cd/web interface.

I have my network set up as



why in the heck do you need two routers for? you can use a router and a switch, or a router and a hub, you don't need two freaking routers.

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