Hello Folks,

I have a really technical issue hear if anyone can assist please. I recently got an Arris tg1672 wifi modem from our ISP which is also being used for IP TV, so the modem cannot be bridged or else I will lose the IP TV feed. However I have a router that had configurations for a VPN and surveillance cameras that I used with the previous modem. Is there any way that I can connect the router to the modem and access my VPN and cameras from the router without putting the modem in bridged mode?

PG 24 of the Web GUI guide for this modem lays out everything you need.

You are only allowed to use port forwarding to virtual servers. In your case I imaging you want to forward tcp 1 to 1023 to the internal host on 1 to 1023 as well.

BTW, this is one of the most annoying trends. ATT Uverse does this also... the modems they ship now do almost the exact same thing while leaving a high port listening for signals from ATT for whatever they use it for.

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