I have an arris cable router that supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, I used tools to find out which channel for each I should be using in my case it is cannel 1 for the 2.4 and channel 44 for the 5. On wifi i get a down speed of about 108 Mbps and an up rate of about 18 Mbps for both the 2.4 and 5 GHz as they are configured to be using open channels for my area, but when i switch to an ethernet connection my down speed suddenly spikes to 198 Mbps and upload remains about the same. Is there a way to configure this is my router? If it helps my router model is DG1670 by Arris.

But what WiFi is that? 802.11n, g, ac, ??? And what about the ODFM?

Finally, given WiFi Channels (google that for the Wikipedia) isn't 1 or the highest channel a bad idea?

Sorry forgot to mention, it is A/N mixed, should I do just N? As for ODFM I don't know what that is entirely I wikid that and don't know calculus but digging into the router i found this table

DCID Freq Power SNR Modulation Octets Correcteds Uncorrectables
Downstream 1 136 699.00 MHz 0.80 dBmV 38.61 dB 256QAM 178222973 89 113
Downstream 2 129 657.00 MHz 2.30 dBmV 37.64 dB 256QAM 184823939 121 144
Downstream 3 130 663.00 MHz 1.20 dBmV 38.61 dB 256QAM 163616277 91 120
Downstream 4 131 669.00 MHz 0.80 dBmV 37.64 dB 256QAM 185376042 54 6
Downstream 5 132 675.00 MHz 0.50 dBmV 37.64 dB 256QAM 184421200 0 0
Downstream 6 133 681.00 MHz 1.00 dBmV 37.64 dB 256QAM 185125212 51 0
Downstream 7 134 687.00 MHz 1.00 dBmV 37.64 dB 256QAM 184419524 34 0
Downstream 8 135 693.00 MHz 1.20 dBmV 38.98 dB 256QAM 177145876 146 108

dont know if it helps I'm sorry.

If you don't have 802.11a gear, that's a good move. As to OFDM, you can read the Wikipedia on WiFi Channels to see that plus see why channel 1 and top are poor choices.

While you're there, how many non-overlapping channels are there in 802.11n 40 OFDM?

the 2.4 using channel 1 is used as a guest network for company they can log in without a password and have been isolated from seeing each other and even accessing the router whereas the 5 only myself and gf have the password is channel 44 as i said before just because my router defaulted there when it detected that there were no other 5GHz networks in range availible non-auto options are 36, 40, 44, 48, 149,153, 157, 161, 165. After taking a rather long walk down the street i could discover no other networks that went above channel 11 except for one about a quarter mile away on channel 161. As for channel bandwidth I only have the option for 20 or 20/40 MHz it was defaulted to 20/40 MHz so I really don't know and the guard interval on those is 400 and 800 ns or Auto (default)

I take it you didn't read the noted material. For a test run, try 20 for OFDM. And let's hope you figure out what I don't set these to channel 1.