:rolleyes: I've read a number of the threads regarding this problem. It was a comfort to know that I am not alone. Still I'm not sure I've found an answer so here goes again.

Last year purchased two identical computers for my sister and niece.

Did a wireless network, d-link router and sbc yahoo modem.

Everything worked fine, they were happy. This was all good for about 3 or 4 months. Then suddenly no internet.

She contacted SBC and their techs had her try all kinds of stuff to no avail. Their final solution disconnect the router and have no lan.

I went over to her home to troubleshoot, the router works perfectly can see both computers etc. The modem works as long as it's hard wired just to her computer without the router but the minute the router is connected no internet access.

Please! we've turned everything off and on a number of times tried different configs for the hardward nothing.

Not sure what direction to go next. Any and all help would be most appreciated.

Thank you

A lot of people do experience this issue - myself included. The cable companies claim that they don't care what devices are connected on your end, but there remains much speculation about that. (I've yet to see a disgruntled ex-employee post on one of these forums.... anybody??!?)

Usually in your web-based router configuration there is an option to use an alternate MAC address. Sometimes changing this to the MAC address of the computer that works when directly connected will work. If you don't know, the easiest way (for me) to get the MAC address of the Ethernet adapter is to run ipconfig /all from the command line. So:

1. Click Start > Run
2. Type "cmd" or "command" (no quotes) and click OK
3. Type ipconfig /all and press Enter

You are looking for the value Physical Address (for the appropriate adapter, of course).

Enter this value in your router setup, power all the devices down, then connect things the way you want them.

If you need more detail, let me know.

If the "MAC spoofing" doesn't do the trick, go into the router's internal configuration utility and check the WAN/Internet settings there.
What info does the router report on its utility's status page?