I got 4 systems on a small office network; 2 with Windows 7 and the newest one on Windows 10. The other is in the process of being upgraded to 7 so I can upgrade to Windows 10. When I hooked up the newest one all was working fine, but then one dropped out and the rest followed suit. I have done all I know to reestablish the links, but nothing. The newest one sees all computers, but none cannot connect to the new one even when it appears in the network. It gives a message there is a problem, but does not specify what; only giving a error code and number.
I am out of ideas on how I can get things working back the way they were before. This is for a small office so it is imperative I get this corrected as soon as possible. No upgrades to Windows 10 have been started as of yet on the other 3 because the connection problems started on Monday this week (7/25/16). HELP with any suggestions. Trouble shooting says everything is operating fine

Let me start with 3 basic network questions.

  1. Did you turn off "simple sharing" in Windows? (Hint I do.)
  2. Did you enable the guest account? (Hint, if you don't have a Windows Server and do not care to maintain accounts, you might do this.)
  3. How are you dealing with accounts? (Hint. A share is limited to user accounts, priviledges and more.)

Finally, did you turn off the firewall in your router? That does block shares.