Hello, I've been trying to set up a wireless repeater for my house for the past day and I am stumped as to why it is not working. I have two netgear routers, one is a wndr3300 and the other is a wndr4000. Here's what I tried so far.

  • I set up the SSID, channels, and security for the base station router(wndr4000).(It would only let me use WEP encryption for Wireless repeating for some reason)

  • I then enabled the wireless repeating function on the base station router, and put in the 1st MAC address of the repeater router(wndr3300. It had two MAC addresses, one for each band I assume, but I used the first one)

  • After that I went into the menu of the repeater router(wndr3300) and changed the SSID and such to match that of the base station router.

  • Finally I enable the wireless repeating function on the wndr3300 and put in the MAC address of the base station router and set it to use the ip address of

However after completing all of these steps it doesn't seem to work. As soon as I enable the repeating function on the wndr3300 it will no longer let me connect to the router. I have no internet access or access to the config menu of the router from wireless or wired connection. When running ipconfig in command prompt when hard lined, the default gateway is blank and the ipv4 address is some windows default one.

I know daniweb is full of helpful experts, so any and all help is appreciated. If you guys could help me get this up and running that would be great and if you could help me use WPA instead of WEP if possible that would be great as well. Thanks in advance for any help. :)

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It (the repeater) is likely using the same address as the other router, so reset it to factory specs, and then change the base (gateway) address of it so it doesn't conflict with the other router.

I'm not sure I follow. How do you change the ip of a router. I have the option of setting one in the wireless repeater menu, but usually routers just default to I'm not sure how to change that.

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