This is about a Win2K machine that uses dial up and has been running for years with Mozilla 1.7 (not Firefox), Mozilla Firefox and IE installed on it.

Some months ago Firefox became unable to browse the net. It suceessfully opened HTML files on the local drive but http:// URLs return [{sitename} cannot be found. Please check the name and try again.]

This morning Mozilla 1.7.13 caught the same disease. In addition, it cannot get or send mail even though I can ping the POP and SMTP servers without packet loss or delay. I get [Failed to connect to popservername] when I try to get mail. The server names as configured are the same as the ones I'm pinging. I tried reinstalling Mozilla over the existing installation without uninstalling it first. Nothing changed.

Even though Mozilla and Firefox are now both unable to reach the outside world, I am typing this message in an IE window. IE works fine.

Does anyone have a clue how to remedy this?