Dear folks

Simple task can't get it work

Tried to block internet access for one of my iPhone for testing purpose (it has dummy SIM means no cellular data)

Enable Parental Controls (i.e it is ON)

Choose a specific home device that I want to block then choose option : "Always" ,,,,,,,,,,,,my router screenshot same as the link above

Click Apply

But it didn't work !!!!

Tried another iphone same issue

I have latest firmware and I did restart the router as well

Am I missing something ?


Just a thought. Both Apple and Android phones can randomize their MAC address. I can't guess how you or Linksys identifies the devices but if I turn on MAC address randomization then I can break through the first gen parental controls on most routers.

Maybe it's this simple issue that you have to get back to the maker to ask for a new system or how-to.

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