Hi all,

I may seem very stupid to all you clever people out there but I have just bought a dell laptop and a Dynamode wireless broadband router.

The laptop immediately found and connected to my wireless network which allows me internet access - which is great. However, I am having real problems setting up my laptop and desktop to share files.

I have looked at various 'how to' websites but following the instructions does not seem to help me. Could anyone provide me with an easy, step by step, guide to doing this as it is beginning to irritate me!!

Thanks in advance - any info you need please ask!


I'm assumin your desktop run xp home and your laptop runs xp pro, not that it matters.

1. Change the workgroup on comps so they are in the same workgroup.
Right click on My Computer, go to computer name tab and then change. Change the workgroup name to anything you want. The default for xp home is MSHOME, and the default for xp pro is WORKGROUP. Repeat the same procedure for the other computer.

2. Get whatever files you want to share and put them in a folder. Right click on the folder and click properties. Then click on the sharing tab and check the check boxes that say : share this folder on the network and allow users to change files, or something like that.

3. On any computer click on My Network Places and you should be able to see the folder you shared.

Post any farther questions after you have done the above.

Hi - done that but I still cant share the files! Both are running on XP home if that is of any importance.


Click on My network places and then click on view workgroup computers. Can you seen both computers?

You can test the network connection by pinging. First, enter "ipconfig" in the MS-DOS prompt. It will spit back its IP address. Write this down if you need to, and then go to the other computer, open the MS-DOS prompt, and enter "ping " followed by the IP address of the other computer.

It should say "64 bytes from ....". If not, or errors are happening, then there's something wrong with the connection.

he also may need to check his router to see if it will allow ffor this.

New user | I have the same problem:

Network is as following One Belking ADSL Modem/ Wireless Router One Desktop: Xp Media Center connected to the routher through LAN. One Laptop: 2003 Media Center conneted to router throught b/g wi-fi. both computers can access the internet all fine. and both can ping each other Ok.

I have set up shared files on both and named their Work Group: Home and both can see each other in the work Group. I have turned off all the security features: Firewalls both windows and Third parties, Anti- Virus Softwares. laptop can access files on desktop fine but desktop can not access files on laptop. in desktop's work group i can see a laptop icon when i click on it, pop up says: Laptop is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resoursce. contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Incorrect function.

Any Ideas? Thank you