hi there,

I currently have 2 lan cards present on my server.One is used to connect to the internet and otherone is used to connect to the clients on the network.My adsl is working fine but i am having difficulty in accessig the internet from the client machines.do i need to have them both on the same subnet masks. and is there any command i can used to divert the traffic from the lan connection to the adsl connection.

any help would be appriciated...


Please give us more details, such as:

- The version(s) of Windows the machines are running.
- The specific IP addressing scheme(s) you're using, including netmasks, gateway addresses, etc.
- Whether you're using a hub, router, or switch to connect the client machines to the server.
- Can the machines on the LAN communicate with each other (can you at least ping each machine from the others)?
- Did the configuration ever work, or is this the first time you're trying to set it up?

Im an network tech and was looking and once had the same problem. if you have 2 lan cards then they solution could be simple. :lol:
Maybe both NICs need to be on the same network. Also you may want to double check the cables to ensure that they are working properly.
To make sure what type of OS is on your computer?