Hello all,

new here... so I hope I am posting in the right place.

I have my internet connection with Adelphia High Speed internet. Cable connection... cable modem RCA model # DCM 425

I run Windows XP professional edition, all updates are installed, no viruses are present.

What is the issue? I would be online for a while, normal operation on this modem is that it has 4 lights, 2 are always solid, 2 always blink. While I am online and connected... things are working ok... then all of a sudden and at random, the 2 blinking lights stop blinking and I get disconnected from online games, messengers, and if I was trying to connect to a website I get the page cannot be displayed screen... the lights remain solid for about a minute and then they resume to blink, Messengers reconnect, I can continue browsing etc. It happens at least 4 - 5 times every few hours.

It is like a bottle neck. Adelphia has come to see it a few times, has tried diagnosing via remote connection, I have exchanged the modem, I have followed instructions on what to check for system settings. They cant find anything wrong.

This is extremely annoying.... anyone has any ideas of what could be causing this?? Please Help!

Thanks in advanced!

I too am having this exact problem and it's annoying as hell! This is an old post oct, 2006 and it is now Feb 2008 I will post back if I find an answer as this post has had 800+ views!

if you are noticing that the lights on you cable modem stop blinking, or do not act in a manner that they are supposed to, then i would have to say that it is a problem with your isp. this would have nothing to do with your pc as far as i can tell