I have a Dell Dimension 5000 desktop run on Window XP Home. Both my daughters have laptops a ACER and Dell Inspiron 2200 (both XP Home), I have set up a NETGEAR wirless router MR184 v2 and it has been used successfully for nearly two years. Yesterday my daughter was using her Dell laptop and it stop working and would not allow her on the internet. My other daughter on her ACER has had no problems whatsoever. I have checked the laptop and it is telling me that the MEDIA IS DISCONNECTED, there is no RADIO SIGNAL. I have done the various checking ie repair this connection. I have check the device manager and the DELL WIRELESS 1370 WLAN MINI PCI CARD and INTEL PRO/100 VE NETWORK CONNECTION are telling me there are working correctly.:eek: I have done an ipconfig and it is telling me the MEDIA IS DISCONNECTED. When I checked on the netgear properties it is telling me the radio is enabled. I have had a message to say it isnt. When I check the network connections I get the following CANNOT CONFIGURE THIS WIRELESS CONNECTION.:sad:

When I put her computer on i do get the following error message CLSID_DOMDocument40 is not working please reinstall, I do not know what this is.

Can anyone please help me, I am desperate, she might want to use my computer :cheesy: .

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I managed to find out what was wrong and it was simply lol I pressed FN and then F2 and it switched it back on.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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