Ok, I've read the previous posts, none seem to have the answer I need or have the same situations to my problem.

It happened like this.. I own an internet cafe.
got several systems.
5 of which are identical. 1 of these 5 upon start up, give me the network cable unplugged error and wont connect to net no matter what I do.

the only solution i've found is to turn it off, unplug it, take out the battery from motherboard, then replace it all and restart pc.
set time and date etc in bios, save and exit and everything is fine ..

This used to be all to the problem. Until recently, it starts to display same error at any given time it's on.

All the systems were fine, all up to date with windows updates.
I ran spybot on this particular system one evening and it found two really bad files.
These files over ride windows firewall and antivirus.

It was after spybot cleared these files that i started to get the ''unplugged'' error.

so, the error seemed to dissapear for a few weeks, but now it just wont go away.

now have private firewall and anti V progs running, including spybot, registry mechanic and a-squared.

All is clean and working fine according to all these programmes.

So, why do I have to remove battery to clear bios so i dont get this unplugged error?

Is there something i'm completely missing.

All equipment is new, all cables and routers and modems are new and tried and tested.

Just seems so odd as to why this happens.

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Sounds like you've been having fun there ;) !

This is either:
A) A nasty is still lurking somewhere on the hard drive. The manufacturers of anti-virus / firewall products never guarantee '100% protection' because its impossible.

B) One of those annoying 'computer things'. Just because something is new, it doesnt always mean it works, especially a computer. What firewall were you running before the registry mechanic etc. additions?

C) You're right in saying its weird it happens. How about replacing the BIOS battery completely?


The funniest thing is, I re-installed everything the other day.
Wiped the hard drive and started again. Was ok for 2 days, would start up and run fine.
But the problem came back.
I too was wondering if there was something still lurking around on the hard rive, but now I think it's sat in the memory, if thats possible, as i've tried almost everything but change the batery.
yeah the battery could be low on power, but I'm not ssure how that would fix the problem or change anything.
But i'll try it anyway.. it's something i've not done.

The other strange thing is, I think the 2 programmes that seem to have caused the problem in the first place, came from my ip address. In other words, my isp provider.

Being in the Philippines, this doesn't surprise me too much, but how did it get past the windows firewall and antivirus in the first place?
Which is what was running before i installed any other similar items.
I guess I could try removing the RAM too.. that might wipe the system a little more.


I fixed it !!!

Or at least hope I have.
Powered down, unplugged, took battery out, removed then replaced RAM, replaced battery, plugged back in and bootted back up

Done one deliberate re-boot and one accidental (customer hit buton)
Both times booted up with no problem.
Connected to net straight away

So it seems whatever the problem was, was lurking in the ram and for some unkown reason could only be cleared by complete removal of RAM.

Well, let's hope it stays this way and i'll report back in to let you know if anything changes..
thx all.


ok... problem came back again after 4 days... So i dealt with it in usual manner..
Then i installed a new game from the net and due the setup of this game i had to install windows .NET (2) file from update site.

this .NET thingy completely fixed all the trouble i had been having...

until today... It's doing it again.. i thought it was all fixed..but nope..it's come back

So please does anyone have any idea?

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