i've just gotten a new laptop - futjisu siemens intel celeron m. I'm trying to activate the wireless enabled connection. i have aol broadband netgear dg834g v.3 wireless router modem. it won't go wireless?

need help please

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it won't go wireless?

Please give us more specific information to work with if you can:

* Is it just the Internet that you can't seem to connect to, or can you not even establish a wireless connection between the laptop and the Netgear?

* Exactly
what messages/errors (if any) do you get when you try to connect?

* Open your Network Connections folder and right-click on the wireless connection's icon. Can you see the Netgear's SSID (the default is "Netgear") when you choose "View Available Wireless Networks" from the resulting drop-down menu?

* Can you achieve a working Internet connection if you connect the laptop to the router with a CAT5 Ethernet cable instead of trying to use the wireless conneciton?

* DOes a wireless connection icon appear in the system tray at the right-hand side of your Task Bar? If so, right-click on that icon and click the "Status" menu option; tell us exactly what information the status window displays.

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