Ok so I have a lond distance between wifi'd pcs and was wondering if i could set another wifi router in another location so I could get closer to the other houses at the ranch?

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I can see two different options: using an Access Point or using a Repeater. Either option will create another "hotspot" for your wireless network. The Access Point method would require running a cable from your current, wired network out to where you want to place your Access Point. A Repeater is basically an Access Point that connects to a wireless network and "repeats" the signal, thus increasing the range of the network without needing to be physically connected to it.

Each method has its pros and cons. The Access Point doesn't need to be able to connect to the current wireless network, but it does need to connect to the network with wires. The converse is true of the Repeater.

For more information about either device, just ask.

As for using another router, it is possible. Many routers support a "repeater mode", but you will want to check with the vendor to make sure that it will be compatible with your network. Some routers will only repeat a signal from an identical router.


does that mean that i could buy the wifi plug in's to boost the signal...will that set a new point so the next plug in station will pick it up from there or does it need to be in range og the main wifi router


By mentioning boosting, you are bringing up a seperate issue which is getting more range out of your current wireless devices. I'll assume that you are still talking about adding more coverage areas rather than "tweaking" your current coverage.

How far out of the wireless coverage area is the area that your wanting to add wireless coverage to? There's only so much distance you can cover with conventional products without using creative homebrew solutions.

For example:

  • If you have a large property with a main home and a secondary home, barn, shop, or other structure that you want to offer wireless coverage to, and the two structures are next to one another, there are many possible solutions.
  • If you have two structures that are separated by a few hundred meters or more, it will be a lot harder to merge these into one network. It's still possible, but it's not easy or relatively cheap.

well the distance for the first house is 400 feet and the house behind me is about 250 feet....can I put a wireless point on the router and run it out to the first house and create a hot spot at that location??? All my attempts have been in vain and I am thinking about just running cat5 wire to all places that need an internet connection....Price is not a problem as the ranch is paying for the equipment and my time is free... Family and all :eek:


You can run lengths of cable out to locations that you need. You can also connect a switch or an access point to the end of that cable to offer multiple connection jacks or add wireless capabilities to that location. Keep in mind that the cable does have a point at which the signal will break down if you go too far.

I would recommend using Solid Cable CAT5E (like this cable). CAT5E is rated to cover distances up to 350 meters before the signal degrades. Get Solid Cable rather than UTP (Unshielded Twister Pair) or Stranded. Solid Cable has larger gauge wires and the wires are insulated, thus these cables are better suited to cover longer distances with fewer problems.

At a minimum, you would want to bury the cables 8" down or more. You might consider running it through some buried conduit so that the wires would be better protected from being damaged.

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