Hi please help.

I use to be on ADSL internet. Changed to Cable internet and loving the speed.

I got a Motorola Sb5101 Surfboard Modem(Cable) and was using a DLink DSL G604T Router. I wanna save a bit of money and want to trying hooking both devices up so I can get my Laptop and PC working simultaneously.

The technician has set the TCP/IP on my PC manually.. (Public ie Static IP).

Can anyone help me achieve my networking problem?


I would help if I could see the router in front of me. best thing to do is try to contact d-link support, they are pretty good around here, shouldn't be worse overseas :)

Log into your router and switch it to dynamic IP, unless you get a static IP as part of your cable Internet package.

Hi i was wondeing if someone can help me. ive just come to japan for the year to teach and am desperate. I signed up for BB Yahoo Japan so i could have internet at home. HOwever my sony viao laptop is not registering the modemn they sent me and tells me i am not connected to the internet even though on the BB yahoo helpline they say i am. I have tried various things to do with the Local area connection but i just cant get it to work. do i need to put in an ip address or something? BB Yahoo tell me that they cant help me, no one here speaks english and my comptuer is in english so i cant take it to a store. I have no idea what to do. I have had the comptuer for 4 years and it has worked perfectly with internet around various student flats in Edinburgh and at my home in southern england. There is sometimes things which have to be changed in the intnernet settings when i first link up to a new intnernet but i cant remember what it was / is.
I am terrified i will be living in southern japan for a year with no internet or skype. please does anyone know what could be wrong? or a number i could ring to get it fixed? it wondows xp