alright, im not a computer geek, so treat me like im stupid :]
so i have cable & a network set up so i can go online from several
computer through a linksys router. what i want to do is set it up so that i
can share files and printers. i did the wizard on both computers but
when i go to networking places, nothing from the other computer shows
up? i have windows xp home edition. i know this is possible and i've
tried manyy times, but keep failing. Help?:(

Did you enable the File and Print sharing when you set the network up? Also check and make sure that all computers are a member of the same workgroup. You can check this by going to control pannel, system, computer name. Hop this helps

right click on the files/printers you want shared and goto "Sharing and Security..."

Are they shared?

Can you see the other computers when you goto WorkGroup computers?

Right-click on My Computer and goto Properties>>Computer Name>>Change... Make sure all computers have the same thing typed under Workgroup:

Let me know how it goes.

i did enable file/printer sharing
all of the computers ARE in the same workgroup
when i go to see if the folder is shared, it says it is
and when i go to view the computers in the workgroup, it says there are none :[