Ok, my wireless connection keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every few minutes. It's not a problem when I'm just surfing the web, but when I'm playing an MMO, whenever it disconnects I get kicked out. I've tried restarting, but that doesn't work... My toshiba laptop is only a few feet away from the router. Any idea what the problem is? Help is greatly appreciated. And could you give me advice in layman's terms? I'm not very good with technology.


I have had a similiar problem with the diconnects and reconnect issue. After trying several things I came across a setting under the properties window in device manager for my wireless card. On the advanced tab and under the property pane is a property called WZC Managed Ethernet. Try enabling it if disabled. Another option that may work would be to use a 3rd party wireless utility and turn off Wireless Zero Configuration in services

What brand and model of router are you using?

Richie's method worked for me but the property pane was multimedia/gaming. If his explaination isnt good enough search for device Manager then go to Network adapte and click on your wirelss online depending on what u have u have to enable a certain one in my case multimedia/gaming

We had the same problem in wireless connection. As what i have experience sometimes bad signal wherein you are too far in the site will bother you. And also it matters the speed of your laptop.

This is an all too common issue it seems. I have come across it many times dealing with clients.
The most popular reason is that they have another device connected to one of the LAN ports on the router and have not turned of the wifi on that device causing a loop which in many cases causes the router to do exactly what you are describing.

I'm having this problem too. After scouring the internet on possible solutions, here is what worked for me:
- Use WPA-PSK TAKIP security
- Select a dedicated broadcast channel (had set it to auto). I think there is a lot of interference from neighbors.
- Don't use N based wireless speeds as with a lot of neighborhood access points, this causes collisions. I run up to 145Mbs for 11b and 11g systems


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hey there ive just had the same problem thanks for all the advice but turned out it was even simpler i went to controlpannel/hardwareandsound/devicesandprinters. looked for my network adapter ......wirelessN network adapter clicked properties/ change settings/power management then the simplest thing unticked the allow computer to turn off device to save power (simplez cute kissing noise)

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