I want to access my camera connected to my computer via a video server. If the ip address of the camera is i.e. and the ip address of my connection to the net is i.e.

What address do I need to enter into the browser to view this camera remotely via the net?:lol:

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If you know which port the camera operates on, you can set up port forwarding (say, to port 80) to allow you access from the internet.

Of course, throw out any ideas of security for your camera... (anyone with your IP address could also view your photos).


OK, let's say that your camera operating on port 100. You want to access it from anywhere.

In your router, forward all inbound requests on port 80 to your camera's IP address on port 100, and forward all outbound traffic on port 100 to port 80.

As for actually accessing it, I don't really know much about your program configuration. It should allow you to manually enter a port. You may also want to try typing your router's IP address into a web browser to see what happens (because port 80 is default for websites).

If that doesn't work, then don't change the port. For example, if your camera runs on port 100, you just forward all inbound traffic on port 100 to your camera's IP address on port 100.

I hope this made sense.


I have now purchased a video server which is going to be connected directly to my broadband connection. The server has an address I have tried to connect to it via the net using my IP address i.e. but this doesn't work! What am I doing wrong? Should I enter or is this totally incorrect?


Well you must have a router, or else your IP address would not be in the 192.168.*.* range. If you're port forwarding, accessing the machine should be something like this:
(which would be your external IP address)

That is, assuming you've port-forwarded it to port 80. If it's another port, (for example port 8080), use this:

The router will take care of which computer you're going to be accessing, and has to be configured beforehand.

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