I'm having some issues with my two domains a.com and b.com. From Domain a i can ping domain b, i can also get into the shares on domain b doing \\ and it works. I can do a ping from computers in domain b to a and i can also get into the shares for from b to a the same way \\ I have DNS setup on each also each domain uses their own DNS. Everything was working, but when i was looking in DNS something didn't look (i didn't make any changes) but i broke the trust then tried to re-create it, it now keeps giving me errors (on both domains) as followed:

(From the A domain computer) the b domain cannot be contacted. if this domain is a windows domain, the trust cannot be set up until the domain is contacted. Click Cancel and try again later. If this is an interoperable non-Windows Kerberos realm and you want to set up this side of the trust, crick ok.

As stated i can see and touch the domains yet it keeps saying it can't see it. I'm confused. I have searched around the net with no real help from other article.

Well i figured my own problem out after aprox 10 hours of fun stuff. When i removed the trust it apparently went in and removed all SVR (records) of the other domain. So i had to add back the _ladp _kerberios _kpasswd for TCP and UDP in the DNS...so it took me like 30 mins to do 16 of these entries...-_-...