Hi - i'm a newbie to this forum i'm currently supporting a voluntary organisation who has an issue with there current network setup.

Basically they have two offices on site 5ft distance between and there is no way of direct cable. Each building has two floors - one building contains the router that handles the internet and network printer the other building has a Netgear range extender.

We have a network printer that we need to network in the building that contains the Netgear range extender - so we are thinking about buying a switch and connecting it to the range extender - but we have noticed that the Netgear range extender has one RJ45 LAN port which is connected to a WIFI booster - and what i want to do is unplug the WIFI booster that plugs into the Netgear range extender and plug in a 4 port switch that i'm thinking of purchasing –

But if i unplug the WIFI Booster the signal drops completely - Does anyone know of a solution to my problem is there a better WIFI Range extender i can purchase or is there a range extender i can purchase that has more than one lan port or is there another solution to my problem.;)

Thanks in advance


yeah, i got one of them at home. doesnt like obscure printers though, but common officey ones should be fine (ive got an hp lazerjet)

Hi thanks - the printer has several special functions that require it to be networked via a LAN cable - Does anyone know if you can buy a wireless print server that would allow me to connect the printer to the print server via a LAN cable rather than a USB cable as the only wireless print servers i have seen are USB wireless print servers.

Thanks for all your help its much appreciated.:mrgreen:

if its got a lan connection you MAY (someone correct me if im wrong) be able to simply pkug it into a wireless router as you would a pc