:confused: My 2 computers run windows XP. My internet connection is via cable. I have a Blitzz BWK904 Wireless G Combo Kit, comprising a BWA721 wireless router and a BWU723 USB adapter. One computer is connected to the router via an ethernet connection, and has no problems. The other computer has a wireless connection via the adapter. Once the wireless connection is established, it is OK all the time the computer is on. The problem occurs after it is turned off. When the computer is turned back on, most times, the Wireless LAN Configuration Tool shows no connectivity, and if I open Network Connections in Control Panel, I cannot even find the wireless network icon. The only way we have found to reestablish connectivity is to (i) leave the computer on for about half hour, then (ii) unplug the adapter from the USB port and replug it back in. Connectivity is established almost immediately, and the wireless connection icon mysteriously appears in Network Connections. I have tried changing from "obtain IP address automatically" to a "static IP address" with no change, but I am not 100% I did it right, I setup the following: IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS Server
:?: Can anyone help?

When you leave your computer off, do you also turn off or disconnect power from your wireless router?

Maybe it's a stupid question, but I had a call last year from a guy that had problems connecting to his wireless router. It turns out he had the power supply connected on a power regulator that he turned on to use his computer. The router was a bit slow booting and the PC couldn't find it on time for wireless connection.

By the way, I don't think changing to static IP is going to fix it. The problem is that your computer can't find the router. Maybe is a driver/utility issue.

The wireless router is on all the time. We shut down the computer (with the adapter) using Windows Start/Shtdown procedure. Usually, we do not switch off the computer's power bar. The adapter is powered through the computers USB port.
If it's a driver/utility issue, I will need specific help on exactly how to proceed. The last time I tried to install a new driver that I downloaded from the internet, I was asked if I wanted to remove all the existing related files. Answering "no" cancelled the installation. I answered "yes" and lost some of the Wireless LAN Configuration Tool files. I had to reinstall everything from the Blitzz disk, because I don't know any better.